National Forklift Safety Day 2020

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The Do's and Don'ts With Forklifts


  • Wear designated work clothes and protective devices
  • Only allow operators who have a license and have completed forklift operation training to operate a forklift
  • Inspect the forklift before starting work and inform the supervisor immediately if there are problems 
  • Contact your dealer for repairs and maintenance
  • Fasten your seat belt before operating a forklift
  • Stay within the appropriate speed for the environment.
  • Use pallets and skids that are undamaged and can withstand the weight of the load
  • Use a helper for loads in tight spaces
  • Use your horn and look left and right before proceeding into an aisle 
  • Keep your forks below a foot off the ground in a tilted position
  • Keep your visibility cleared of objects
  • Slow down when going around turns
  • Balance your load, especially for oversized loads
  • Utilize hand signals to communicate who will proceeds first and who will stop at all intersections where a pedestrian is present
  • Maintain brake contact when approaching a pedestrian, intersection or a blind corner


  • Drive over objects such as broken pieces of wood
  • Stack the load on the pallets and skids unevenly
  • Use the tip of the forks as a lever to raise a heavy load
  • Push a load using the tips of the forks
  • Allow more than one rider on the forklift
  • Place hands or feet on the cross members of the mast. Your hand may be injured if the mast is lowered while your hand is on it
  • Operate with a load that exceeds the lifting capacity
  • Drive the forklift or any other mobile equipment in a designated “Pedestrians Only” aisle or walkway
  • Go within 2 feet of a pedestrian when stopped