Shop Specialty Forklifts: Combilift

Combilift’s product range is the result of extensive research, innovative thinking and a passion for problem-solving. Our Combilift forklift selection carries several models for both store warehouse supply and argicultural applications.

The hardworking, versatile design of Combilift’s multi-directional range combines the features of a counterbalanced forklift, side loader, and very narrow aisle (VNA) truck in one vehicle, for a complete solution. Combilift’s multi-directional forklifts can be customized according to your application and preferred fuel type. With the ability to work both indoors and out, the need for multiple lift trucks is eliminated, which optimizes fleet size, increases storage space, enhances safety and improves overall efficiency. Browse through some of our most popular options, like the Combilift c6000, Combilift c8000, and the c10000xl

Built to withstand the demands of long load lifting, Combilift’s side loader forklifts deliver robust performance and exceptional maneuverability. With lift capacity ranging from 5,500 lbs to 8 tons, plus stand-on options for very narrow aisle racking systems, the versatility of these machines is second to none. Equipped with all the stamina and speed you need on large sites, excellent ergonomics make for safe and easy loading while the integrated load-bearing platform offers unrivaled stability during transport.

Combilift’s range of straddle carriers and our mobile gantry provide safe, efficient solutions for even the most extreme load handling systems. Distribution, shipping, aerospace, steel fabricators, wind turbines and precast concrete – there’s no load too large or heavy for these workhorses. Economical, highly maneuverable and fully customizable, the innovative design of our Combi SC range combines power and reliability with a lighter footprint unmatched by any comparable technology, delivering fantastic fuel efficiency and the ability to operate on poor terrain without the need for costly reinforcement. The Combilift straddle carriers enable preloading from ground level for vastly improved safety, eliminating the need for personnel on trailers, and reducing multiple handling and associated product damage in the warehouse.

The Combi-RT was designed specifically to meet the harsh demands of the poultry industry, but its impressive handling and robust construction make it a valuable workhorse for any agricultural business. Large-diameter tires on a three-wheel chassis with all-wheel traction and differential lock give the Combi-RT a compact turning circle and excellent grip on rough terrain, while a generous 1-foot ground clearance ensures minimal disturbance of litter. Ultra-smooth controls permit quieter, more refined handling for optimal livestock welfare.