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Hy-Tek Material Handling is a proud Yale dealer for over 50 years & our top priority is to provide solutions that boost productivity and optimize fleet performance in even the most demanding applications. Having a staff full of experience and expertise we deliver on providing top-of-the-line industrial components, superior ergonomics & phenomenal ROI with Yale Vision. Whether your lift trucks operates on LP-gas, diesel, electric or alternative fuel, Hy-Tek can fully support you with the newest and most advanced fleet management app. 

Yale Vision Wireless Asset Management

Yale Vision wireless asset management provides true wireless fleet management, drives fleet efficiency, improves operator performance, reduces your carbon footprint and lowers your overall material handling costs. Conveniently web-based, you can access the Yale Vision portal via phone, desktop, laptop or tablet – anywhere you have an internet connection – and you’ll see every truck in your fleet that’s been equipped with the compact and rugged telemetry module. Yale Vision provides you with the following powerful fleet management capabilities.

ComplianceControl equipment access, manage operator certification, streamline and automate pre-shift inspections & document the process with digital records

UtilizationTrack equipment status, optimize fleet size and equipment allocation & identify long-term and seasonal needs

ImpactsReceive incident alerts and impact details, identify problem spots to reduce damage & promote safe truck operation

ProductivityRecord and compare truck activity by operator, analyze productivity across facilities, departments, shifts & ensure optimal use of equipment for the task

ServiceSchedule service to minimize downtime, streamline repairs & make informed life cycle decisions

Yale Vision App

The first mobile app ever released for fleet management

The first of its kind in the material handling industry, the Yale Vision mobile app offers a new level of data driven productivity now at the power of your fingertips. A site specific tool, instant insight can be gained regarding your truck fleet including impact alerts, checklist notifications, and a host of other crucial features making telemetry move at the speed of your business. Take the guess work out of the equation with a mobile solution that turns data and information into actionable insight.

Take charge of your batteries.

Yale Battery Vision is a fleet management solution that provides valuable insights to better care for your batteries and maximizes their performance and life. Utilizing existing wireless networks, Yale Battery Vision monitors usage, alerts users of potential battery issues, and transforms your facility’s vehicles into an intelligent fleet operation. With Yale Battery Vision, you can now take charge of your batteries.

Measures Water Level

Encourages proper watering of your batteries by reporting electrolytes at high and low levels

Monitors Data 24/7

Utilizing existing wireless networks to transmit data to the cloud-based Yale Vision portal

Smart Charging

Delivers analytical data such as state of charge, voltage current, and battery temperature to improve battery care and charging behavior

Warranty Compliance

Stores data for the life of the battery and provides complete history to comply with your battery warranty

  • Dedicated fleet management account manager and consultant: on-demand access to someone who is there to help
  • Regular performance reporting
  • Spend analysis and tracking: identify costs per hour and utilization history
  • Avoidable damage analysis: find these hidden costs that may be driving high expenses
  • Advanced periodic reviews with recommendations
  • Equipment reduction, rotation and replacement recommendations
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