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Hy-Tek Material Handling Columbus OH 43217

Equipment, Parts & Service from the People Who Understand your Needs

With over 57 years of experience, you are getting top of the line customer service. We handle your equipment performance so that you can handle your operations without any interruptions. Let’s handle it together!


Forklifts are segmented by classes based on their functionality and use cases. Each class has a few models that all differ in load capacity, application use and power type. However, electric forklifts are becoming more…


Surprisingly, Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) have been around since the 1950s. Traditionally these AGVs follow along marked lines on the floor or use lasers or radio waves for navigation..

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You will get much more from Hy-Tek Material Handling than a catalog of industrial equipment; you will get more than 55 years of material handling experience and expertise. While we offer a comprehensive, easy to use catalog with aggressively priced equipment for your facility, we also have in-house engineering, installation, and project management capabilities so that we can provide you with turn-key material handling solutions. So if you need a wheel chock or bay of shelving, we make it easy to order, and if you need expert assistance and guidance for purchasing, financing or renting a forklift, mobile elevated work platform or personnel carrier, we make that easy too!

warehousing racking and storage solutions in Columbus OH

Performance Solutions for Your Business

Power Solutions

Receive the most advanced solutions in industrial lift truck electric power, reducing your cost of operations & extending the life of your power equipment & helping you meet your environmental objectives. We’ll evaluate your application to determine which charging method is best for you.

Fleet Management

Track & measure all aspects of your fleet data and information for each operator. Giving you the ability to better connect your operator to your facility & equipment, driving fact-based decisions on day-to-day & long term strategies. 

Top of the Line Customer Support

Hy-Tek is always here to put your mobile equipment back into service. With technicians on the road 24/7 providing forklift service centered around Columbus, Ohio, our highly trained, experienced technicians will respond quickly to your after-hours request. From Planned Maintenance to hydraulics or engine rebuilds we ensure your needs will be tended to by the best technicians our industry has to offer. 

Hy-Tek forklift service technicians and equipment maintenance