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how to buy a used forklift: 9 step guide

How to Buy a Used Forklift in 9 Steps

Sometimes you just can’t convince yourself to spend the extra money on a new forklift — even if it is a lease. Or you have low hours of operation per week and cannot justify spending more money on something that you are only going to be using 20 hours per week.

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class 2 forklifts: the complete overview

Forklift Classes: Class 2 Forklifts Complete Overview

Forklifts are categorized by their class, which ranges from 1 to 7. Here we will only be focusing on class 2 forklifts, also known as electric narrow aisle trucks. Narrow aisle forklifts are built to work in areas narrower than 12 feet. They have cushion tires that are airless rubber tires, which means they are only operated indoors. The typical function of class 2 forklifts are to reach high shelves to load and unload pallets.

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Class 1 Forklifts: Electric Counterbalanced

Forklift Classes: Class 1 Forklift Guide (2020)

Forklifts are categorized by their class, which ranges from 1 to 7. Here we will only be focusing on class 1 forklifts, also known as electric counterbalanced trucks. The term counterbalance means that the truck frame gains stability by having weight (usually a conventional battery, thin plate pure lead or a lithium-ion battery) towards the center or rear of the forklift.

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discover how the new robotic lift trucks work in less than 10 minutes

Discover How the New Robotic Lift Trucks Work in Less Than 10 Minutes

Surprisingly, Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) have been around since the 1950s. Traditionally these AGVs follow along marked lines on the floor or use lasers or radio waves for navigation. However, current technology allows for workflows to be programmed into robotic lift trucks, allowing for free movement around a warehouse and not requiring expensive warehouse changes when changing the truck’s work process.

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The Different Types of Forklifts the Complete Guideline

The Different Types of Forklifts: Classes I through V

Forklifts are segmented by classes based on their functionality and use cases. Each class has a few models that all differ in load capacity, application use and power type. However, electric forklifts are becoming more and more popular as environmental rules increase.

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