MPE060-G, MPE060-080VH

End Rider Pallet Jacks

What if your operators could pick faster and move product more efficiently thereby decreasing operating costs? Meet the Yale® end rider truck series that has been strategically designed to exceed expectations in the most demanding applications such as warehousing, food & beverage and 3PL industries.

Designed with an operator-centric mindset

2018 MHPN Product of the Year Winner

  • Extended operator platform (optional – available for particular applications) offers 30% more usable floor space than leading competitors, allowing for optimal foot positioning to enhance operator stability and decrease fatigue
  • Exclusive, Ultra Cushion provides 30% less shock and vibration when compared to conventional rubber mats to improve operator comfort and promote steadier footing while accommodating up to a size 13 shoe
  • Precision Pick allows the operator to precisely place the truck, controlling the speed and coast function, in both directions, with the simple press of a button
  • Opt for the Smart Shift bundle which allows the operator to better use the truck to improve efficiency and increase productivity

Industry exclusives to enhance awareness

  • LED platform lights (optional) provide increased pedestrian and operator awareness in dark trailers or congested areas
  • LED fork lights (optional) provide low-level illumination in low light applications such as dim storage aisles and dark trailers which helps reduce the risk of damage and improve operator and pedestrian awareness
  • Dual horn buttons located on the back of the handrail allow operators to engage without moving their hand from the functional driving position

Engineered for quality and convenience

  • With reduced service time and extended service intervals, the truck can be serviced faster and as much as 50% less often
  • Heavy-duty frame and forks are one of the toughest in the industry
  • Durable, lift linkage manufactured with cast ductile steel is designed to meet the demands of high duty cycle applications
  • Heavy-duty quick adjust caster can be accessed without having to lift the truck

With a 6,000-8,000 capacity range, this game changing pallet truck has the ability to increase throughput and boost order picking with ease. Built for versatility, the Yale end rider truck series is ideal for dock loading/unloading, horizontal transport and low-level order picking. Additionally, various fork length offerings accommodate single, double and even triple pallet loads to help maximize efficiency. 

Yale® MPE series—the gold standard of end riders

The Yale MPE060-080VH is Top of its Class:

Precision pick to build orders faster

Extended platform

LED platform & fork lights

Smart Shift software bundle



  • 30% more usable floor space with the optional extended platform
  • Shave seconds off operator tasks with the Smart Shift software bundle
  • Savings of $2,500+ in lifetime maintenance per end rider (lower service times & serviced 50% less often)
  • Military-grade rubber floor mat reduces shock & vibration by 30%
Yale MPE End Rider Pallet Jack Access Components and Ergonomics



  • Linkage system provides nearly 3X the lift cycle compared to competitive models
  • Yale Smart Slow Down™ reduces truck speed when cornering
  • Smart Cruise Control to set truck speed when traveling long distances
  • Full rotary control handle for precise lift/lower travel control
  • LED platform lights to increase visibility in low lit or congested areas
  • Ergonomic design to maximize the productivity of lift truck operators (integrated knee pads, handrail with auxiliary controls, operator platform space)

Integrated Knee Pads

mpe060-080vh yale end rider pallet jack knee pads

durable, contoured rubber delivers industry-leading support to enhance operator comfort; unique waffle pattern provides flexibility and maximizes airflow

Hand Rail with Auxiliary Controls

yale end rider pallet jack mpe06-080vh hand rail

allows operator access to lift/lower, high speed, and smart shift functions

Operator Platform

operator platform for the yale end rider pallet jack mpe060-080vh

offers more usable foot space than leading competitors to help promote all-day operator comfort; drain holes align with the platform cushion, pulling moisture down and out of the truck

Platform Cushion

yale end rider pallet jack mpe060-080vh platform cushion

exclusive design helps absorb shock and vibration to improve operator comfort and provide steady footing; closed cell construction enhances durability; drain holes improve tractive effort in wet applications; easily removes for cleaning

Model Load Capacity (lbs.) Battery Max Travel Speed (mph)