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Operations for Lithium-Ion Batteries

Logistics operations face strict standards and tough challenges at every step. They must reduce costs with limited labor resources, while accommodating tightening emissions legislation and hygiene standards. Combat these constraints with flexibility.

Yale® lift trucks powered by these batteries are ideal for busy operations with two or more shifts. Simple opportunity charging, consistent performance in hot and cold environments and no maintenance requirements enable lithium-ion batteries to provide the utmost flexibility.

Enhance efficiency

  • Charge in as little as 1-2 hours with no memory degradation
  • Achieve consistent power until full depletion
  • Reach up to 8 hours of run time

Increase up-time

  • Benefit from automatic equalization with no cleaning, watering, cool down or equalization
  • Opportunity charge quickly and conveniently – simply plug lithium-ion batteries into any standard 120V outlet

Reach green targets

  • Generate zero harmful emissions while in operation or charging
  • Keep air quality clean on – and off – the shop floor

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